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Vinyl Fence

Which Privacy Fence Is Best for You?

One of the biggest reasons to choose to add a fence to your home is because you want added privacy. The good news is there are several fence types that can offer this to you. When you know you need a privacy fence, there are a few key things to look for when choosing one. Our team at AJ FENCE can answer any of your questions and offer insight into which type may be best for the layout of your space. Here is a quick look at a couple of options.

Wood Fence

One of the most common types of privacy fence is the wood fence. It has long been the go to because it offers ample privacy for most property owners. It also provides a simple and effective way for you to keep family and pets in your space and most types of wildlife outside of it. However, wood does require a bit of maintenance over its lifetime. It can last for many years if it is well maintained, too. A wood fence is about middle of the road when it comes to costs. It is one of the more sought after options because of its natural look and feel.

Vinyl Fence

A vinyl fence can be a very good investment for many homeowners. Vinyl is very durable and long lasting. Unlike wood, you do not have to do anything to maintain it aside from keep it securely in place and wash it. There is no staining necessary. Vinyl also allows you to add in more decorative elements to the fence, such as various finishes. This is a privacy fence, in terms of providing a view that is completely closed in, but the decorative top or elements to it can still give you some room for creating an open-air feel to it.

Which One Is Your Choice?

The good news is you do not have to choose just yet. Our team at AJ FENCE will come to you to provide you with a one-on-one consultation to discuss the various privacy fence options available. We can discuss options for you about the location of the fence and the various materials that may work for your specific needs. You can also choose from various decorative features, different layouts, and numerous different color options. Because we offer custom built fences, every one of them is created to fit your specific needs. We do our best to make this easy for you.

At AJ FENCE, you can trust in our years of experience to ensure the very best results. We are happy to provide a free consultation to discuss the options as well. This may be the best way to get started with our team.

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